The National Competitiveness Council tracks the rankings of the Philippines in major international competitiveness reports.

Check out the Global Competitiveness Report Card below to view a summary of the overall ranking of the Philippines across all reports. You can also click on the name of each report for a more detailed analysis.


Report2016201520142013201220112010CHANGE 4/5 YEARSASEAN RANKRELEASE DATESOURCETOP 1/3
Doing Business Report99/190103/18995/189108/189138/185136/183148/183+496 of 10Oct 2016International Finance Corporation63
Economic Freedom Index70/17876/17889/17897/177107/179115/179-+455 of 9Jan 2016Heritage Foundation59
Corruption Perceptions Index-95/16885/17594/177105/176129/183134/178+393 of 9Dec 2016Transparency International58
Global Competitiveness Report57/13847/14052/14459/14865/14475/14285/139+285 of 9Sep 2016World Economic Forum47
Global Enabling Trade Index-n/a64/138n/a72/132n/a*92/125+286 0f 10Mar 2016World Economic Forum46
Travel and Tourism Reportn/a74/141n/a82/140n/a94/139n/a+205 of 7Mar 2017World Economic Forum46
Global Innovation Index74/12883/141100/14390/14295/14191/125-+175 of 8Jul 2016World Intellectual Property Organization47
Global Information Technology Report77/13976/14378/14886/14486/14286/138-+95 of 9Apr 2016World Economic Forum48
E-Government Index 71/193-95/193-88/191-78/184+73 of 10Jun 2016United Nations64
Fragile States Index54/17848/17852/17859/17856/17750/177-+48 of 10Jun 2016Fund for Peace118
Global Gender Gap Report7/1457/1459/1425/1368/1358/1359/142+11 of 9Nov 2016World Economic Forum47
World Competitiveness Yearbook42/6041/6042/6038/6043/5941/59--14 of 5May 2016International Institute for Management Development20
Logistics Performance Index71/160n/a57/160n/a52/155n/a44/155-276 of 9Mar 2016World Bank53


  • The Change column shows the movement in the ranking from the previous year to the latest year available. For example, the Travel and Tourism competitiveness Report is released every two years. In 2013, the Philippines advanced 12 spots to No. 82 from No. 94 in 2011.
  • The ASEAN Rank column shows the position of the Philippines relative to other ASEAN economies for the most recent year available. For example, the Philippines is ranked 5th out of 5 ASEAN economies reviewed in the 2014 IMD World Competitiveness Report.
  • The IFC of Doing Business Report is named one year in advance of the release. For example, the Doing Business Report 2016 was released in October 2015.
  • The Fragile States Index (formerly known as the Failed States Index) is reverse-ranked with the 178th nation considered as very sustainable. In 2016, the Philippines slipped six spots from 48th to 54th out of 178 countries.