DTI Hails Quezon City Government for Major Streamlining Efforts; full electronic registration process using MOBILE APPS pushed

The Department of Trade and Industry lauds the efforts and strong commitment of the Quezon City Government in streamlining its operations to speed up the processing of business registration and construction-related permits.  

DTI Secretary Ramon Lopez, Chair of the government’s  Inter-agency Task Force on Ease of Doing Business, explained  that the drastic process re-engineering  in Quezon City, the LGU with the most number of businesses, is critical because it is the sample city included in the  Doing Business Survey, conducted yearly by the World Bank, to gauge the overall competitiveness of the Philippines as a nation, using the cost and ease of doing business as a criterion.

QC Mayor Herbert Bautista issued Executive Order 11 on December 22, 2017 mandating the creation of One-stop Shops, where new businesses can file and pay their application for business permits, including Fire Safety Inspection Certificates, following a 2-step procedure where applicants can get their permit in less than two hours.  Applicants need not to go to different offices to obtain business permit and other clearances and but instead transact in a single location.

The EO signed by the Local Chief Executive provides for reduction in the steps and requirements, and the use of automation.  But we need to leapfrog.  The effort of the QC shall be complemented by efforts in the national level.  Together with the DICT, we are looking at developing a fully electronic registration process using Smartphone App.  This is an excellent opportunity for the Philippines to become one of the first countries to adopt a business registration process that can be completed (end to end) on a smart phone”,  Lopez said.

Similar with business permits, a one-stop shop dedicated for construction-related permits is also being established, which will co-locate the different city/municipal offices that process building permits and certificates of occupancy, headed by the Office of the Building Official,  and the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) in one place. This is expected to be operational by end of February 2018.

These reforms are seen to significantly imporve the Philippines’ ranking in Doing Business (DB) Report, where the country dropped 14 notches to No. 113 last year. For Starting a Business indicator, Philippines recorded a dismal No. 173. Quezon City, with an estimated 74,000 registered establishments, represents the country in the survey.