NCC urges private sector to sign integrity pledge to fight corruption (Zambotimes)

MANILA — The National Competitiveness Council of the Philippines (NCC) has urged the private sector to sign the integrity pledge to help the country battle corruption practices both in the public and the private sector.

The integrity pledge under the Integrity Initiative of Makati Business Club (MBC) and the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP) aims to ensure government agencies and private companies adhere to their own set of code and conduct.

Currently, there are 550 companies and 10 government agency signatories in the integrity pledge.

“Well, you know companies can on the Integrity Initiative side, first step is sign the integrity pledge because that’s important; that’s commitment. Second, they have an assessment tool. If you want to know what your internal practices are, like to do the self assessment, take the tool. And third is, put in the changes, the assessment and make an external assessment," NCC Co-Chairman Guillermo M. Luz said at the NCC Dialogues on SWS 2013 Enterprise Survey on Corruption Report Tuesday.

"I think the measure is preventive. Both the private sector and the public is preventive, preventive steps are the best way to stop corruption, stop opportunity, and people just need to look at their own thing," he added.

In 2013, the SWS Enterprise Survey on Corruption reported that businessmen see a lot of corruption going on in the public sector which posted at 69 percent in the National Capital Region (NCR); 33 percent in Angeles, Pampanga; 46 percent in Calamba; 55 percent in Iloilo; 54 percent in Cebu; 54 percent in Cagayan De Oro; and 45 percent in Davao.

On the other hand, the study also found out that 61 percent of businessmen in NCR were willing to put in a percentage of their net income to reduce corruption in public sector; Angeles at 86 percent; Calamba at 74 percent; Iloilo at 64 percent; Cebu at 70 percent; Cagayan De Oro at 82 percent; and Davao at 58 percent.

Though businessmen were primarily allowed to allot some money into an anti-corruption program, they admitted being unable to take action in fighting corruption within their own company.

Moreover, the survey also found 80 percent of companies in NCR have not done anything to stop private corruption in the two preceding years. Angeles follos at 87 percent; Calamba at 92 percent; Iloilo at 87 percent; Cebu at 74 percent; Cagayan De Oro at 88 percent; and 80 percent in Davao.

The encompassed population for the survey numbers at 951 in NCR, 100 in Angeles, 100 in Calamba, 100 in Iloilo, 100 in Cebu, 100 in Cagayan De Oro and 100 in Davao. (PNA)

Written by Kris M. Crismundo and Juzel L. Danganan

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