Dealing with Construction Permits

Measures all procedures, cost, and time required for a business to build a warehouse. The warehouse is assumed to have two storeys and will be built in Quezon City.

Reduced steps and days from 24 and 94 to 16 and 61, as well as reduction of cost, through the reform implemented by the Local Government of Quezon City.

Old Procedures (24 Steps, 94 Days)

New Procedures (16 Steps, 61 Days)

Agencies Flowchart


  1. The Quezon City government allows and permits the Bureau of Fire protection to co-locate in the Department of Building Official’s office to accept and process applications for Fire Safety Inspection Certificate, as well as in the issuance of the Fire Safety Evaluation Clearance.

Reference Links:

  • BFP Memorandum of Understanding
  • PD 1096 BASIC LAW book format

  • Agencies

    Quezon City Local Government Unit Land Registration Authority Bureau of Fire Protection
    Globe Telecom Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company Maynilad Water Services Inc Manila Water Company, Inc.