Registering Property

Records the full sequence of procedures necessary for a business (buyer) to purchase a property from another business (seller) and to transfer the property title to the buyer’s name so that the buyer can use the property for expanding his business, use the property as collateral in taking new loans, or sell the property to another business.

Reduced steps and days from 8 and 39 to 7 and 16, respectively, through the following:


  1. In collaboration with the Land Registration Authority, the Bureau of Internal Revenue developed a new web-based system called Electronic Certificate Authorizing Registration (eCAR). The system automates the manual processes in the preparation of Certificate Authorizing Registration (CAR), and builds a reliable database for pre- and post- audit of one-time transactions. eCAR reduces the number of obtaining Certificate Authorizing Registration from 14 days to 5-10 days.
  2. Issuance of a Memorandum Circular by QC LGU to merge steps 3 and 4 involving City Assessor’s Office and City Treasurer’s Office.

Reference Links:

  • Memorandum of Agreement Between BIR and LRA
  • Implementing Guidelines on Self Service Electronic Reg
  • Joint BIR LRA MC
  • Revenue MC 20 2014
  • Summary of Procedures for RP
  • eTitle.pdf
  • Memorandum Circular 07S2015

  • Agencies

    Land Registeration Authority Bureau of Internal Revenue Quezon City Local Government Unit