Project Overview


Welcome to the Doing Business in the Philippines Dashboard. This site enables you to monitor the progress different government agencies in the Philippines are making in simplifying processes which businesses have to undergo to start a business or obtain licenses and permits. In a nutshell, it is a graphic presentation of how the government has cut red tape. This first phase is based on the World Bank-IFC Ease of Doing Business Report which measures the time it takes to undertake 10 different processes in the life cycle of a typical business.

The dashboard is divided into 10 sections, each representing a process. Each section will tell you which government agencies are working on simplifying each process as well as how they are progressing. For your guidance, the relevant regulation or document supporting completed reforms can be downloaded from the References page.

How to read the charts on the dashboard. The progress on each process is depicted as a bar chart or a checklist. The top bar represents the 2012 status of the regulation (e.g., the number of steps or time it takes to complete a process). The bottom bar represents the accomplished reform for 2013. The longer the red bar, the longer the process. The shorter the red bar, the shorter the process. The difference represents how much red tape has been reduced. For checklists, a simple green check or red cross depicts whether a process has been completed or not.
Readers are encouraged to provide the National Competitiveness Council with comments or feedback on how to improve processes or to verify whether improvements are being implemented.
This is the first phase of the project. The dashboard will be reset in the Third Quarter of 2013 to reflect 2014 targets. New indicators of government performance from other agencies may also be reflected on this dashboard in the future.